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Most people use a 90 ohm controller with T-Jet type cars, but some people prefer a controller with a 100 or 120 ohm resistor. Difalco, Slot.it, JayGee, Parma, Professor Motor, Ruddock, etc.) 44 watching. RARE! This is a slightly updated version of articles I wrote for the BSCRA magazine "Slot Car Racing News" in 1996. The DS controller uses a solid state circuit board for superior feel, performance, and reliability . Transistorized - NPN circuits. DD301 . . Benefit: These are slightly thicker than Parma shells (similar to a Koford) and resist damage from drops better. A pin or blade extends from the bottom of the car into the slot.. $196.00. Vintage 60's Parts; DEALER CATALOG. Vendors: Slot Car Corner, Ebay, Pacific Slot Car Raceway (aka shopscr), e-Slotcar (aka PCH Parts Express). Free postage Free postage Free postage. Read More. Extra long 14 ga wires with clear insulation for outstanding power and 263065133799 adjustable minimum speed. we have over 500 h.o. Price: US $199.99. PNP circuits. New 15 band design means super smooth transition between bands. Electronic controllers are fussy about track polarity, so you have to know what the polarity is before you order a controller. Please note Handle/Circuit board Color may vary. NEW HANDLES AS WELL AS MY 3 NEW TRIGGER PROFILES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. Professor Motor Controller 1/32 1/24 Slot Car adjustable sensitivity and brakes. DIFALCO PRO DRAG CONTROLLER. 1064 Woodland Ave. Suite N. Modesto, CA 95351 USA. Free shipping. ;-) I have enjoyed experimenting with transistor slot car controllers ever since assembling a Difalco Junior kit I obtained through Gustav Heymann at the turn of the century. $3.92 shipping. With the turn of a small screwdriver you can make each band more or less . Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Introduction. Guides/Braid/Wire. (and even if it isn't, the page on good ways to blow up transistors . Free postage Free postage Free postage. C $201.73. Difalco's new E.S.P. . Difalco GENESIS Pro Plus W/Choke 15 BAND. Email or call Jim with any questions or advice you need to improve your racing experience and results. slot cars in stock we have parts for tyco-mattel, lifelike, super g+, viper, panther, storm, g3, t-jets, magnatraction & non-magnatraction. Price: US $199.99. and I have always come back to my Difalco (s) . . Related products. More bands mean better car control, a must, especially for scale racing. Toll Free: 800 258-7441 - Local: 805 988-8044 - Fax: 805 988-8059 - Purchase >$75 To Get FREE Shipping in USA

brake relay significantly improves full brake . Eagle Products. This AFX 120 ohm controller is best suited for AFX Mega-G+ HO slot cars and is compatible with either the currently produced AFX or Auto World terminal track. "Fanatic" feature. $358.00: DIFALCO 260 CUSTOM RESISTOR NETWORK 64, 87 AND 113 OHMS. Condition: Used: An item that has been used previously. Hand made in the USA. Copper alligator clips with color coded insulators. Difalco Design manufactures a complete line of high quality slot car controllers, parts and accessories for 1/24, 1/32 and H.O. DIFALCO 281 Genesis Electronic Controller HD30 PRO Brake

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Slot Car Corner has the new Difalco Design replacement controller handle in stock (all new Difalco Design controllers also use this handle). Regular price 92 View. Difalco Genesis Fanatic 17 band Controller - DD-278. digi-tune magnet & downforce scale & brass t jet hubs .by peter doane .

Item Information. difalco ho controllers . Our Price : $69.99. Motors And Parts. Auto World Slot Car Race Controllers. koford Camen store Difalco slot car controller. Expand menu Collapse menu. Decals/Lane Stickers. Difalco and PRO2 controllers work on a different transistorized circuit design. Switching circuits. Sale Price: $8.24. drivers peel & stick for lexan bodies. 1271 S. Decatur Blvd. DD337 - Brake bypass switch kit. Slot Car Racing: PARMA Hand Controllers: Featured Products. Resistance controllers - the original and still the cheapest way to drive cars. Cars; Chassis and Chassis Parts; Controllers & Controller Parts; Drivers and Interiors; . Difalco Controller DD 302[DD 302] Difalco Controller DD 302. Neo HD30 controller. $234.00 #DD267 Difalco Genesis 2 Pro Controller w/ Blast Relay $228.00 #DD270 Difalco Genesis HD-30 Controller $278.00 #Kof673-4 Koford External wire resistor 1/24 Slot Car Controller $71.38 Controllers #3EHITMAN 3rd Eye Hitman FET Slot Car Controller $275.00 #DD425 Difalco "E" Motion T.Q. Difalco would like to announce their "Genesis HD30" controller design! If you notice the presence of sparks on one or both the braids then that means it has momentarily lost connection with the power rails. Gears. SCC HLDR Holder for Trigger Style Controllers - Slot Car Corner offers high-quality controller holders, which were specifically designed and fabricated with the needs of slot car racers in mind. Vintage 1990's PARMA DiFalco Custom Slot Car Controller Third Eye Resistor. T-Shirts. Club Overview . DRAGTROLLER PRO CONTROLLER - FREE SHIPPING! Announcing our latest product, an all new, fully electronic drag controller. . $278.00. Fluids. N-Digital N40305 Controller Extension Cable. With modern inline HO cars like Tyco, Tomy and Lifelike most people use a 45 ohm controller. from United States. . RTR Cars. $74.99 Koford 4 ohm Controller KO M562-4 $158.60 . . Buy slot car controllers and save big - low UK Shipping & fast. . The name Difalco in our hobby is widely known. Difalco Eliminator Drag Controller with Index Choke and Transbrake - DD-435 $329.00. Difalco "E" Motion T.Q. The controller has a sensitivity control and a dynamic brake control. Search. Controllers. FOR SALE! Available in clear only at this time. Wheels And Tires. Slot Car Corner Slot Car Controller Holder - Brushed Aluminum. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. My Account. This feature sets Difalco Design controllers apart from everybody else! We have an extensive range of products with many more being added regularly, If you can't find it here, please ask. Difalco Genesis Fanatic Controller With Blast Relay - 17 Band - DD-268 Difalco Genesis Fanatic Controller With Blast Relay - 17 Band - DD-268 . Difalco - DD550 - Power Transistor, HO Slot Cars (Slot Cars) Replacement power transistor. SOLD OUT..Converts any 45 or 60 ohm resistor controller to a super electronic controller. Replacement Resistors. RARE! They are designed for all Difalcos and thus are already trimmed . Join the Eagle Slot Car Newsletter Email address. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. or Best Offer +C $22.08 shipping estimate. Top sellers. Condition: Used Used. Drag Racing. Extra long 14 ga wires with clear insulation for outstanding power and looks. Difalco slot car controller, DD304, 1/32, w/ traction control.

30 band design provides excellent speed control in the turns. For aftermarket brands like Scale Auto/BSRT . 305.00. Difalco Controllers Controllers Sort By: Difalco Genesis 2 HD30 Controller - DD-281 $372.00 Add to Cart Difalco Genesis 2 HD30 Controller - DD-280 $308.00 Add to Cart Difalco Eliminator Drag Controller with Index Choke & Transbrake - DD-435 $329.00 Out of stock Difalco Eliminator Drag Controller with Index Choke - DD-430 $299.00 Out of stock SALE Difalco slot car controller, DD304, 1/32, w/ traction control. Pricing is $39.95 per unit. SKU: DD531 Categories: Controllers, Dealer Exempt. Price: US $199.99. The 30-band wiper design features a plug-in Resistor Network circuit board with different values to change the band response to best suit any motor from 1/24 wing to scale to HO to 1/32 home set type cars. Vintage 1990's PARMA DiFalco Custom Slot Car Controller Third Eye Resistor. Vintage 1990's PARMA DiFalco Custom Slot Car Controller Third Eye Resistor. (209) 544-2550. motownslotcarraceway@yahoo.com. Difalco Design will be here to serve you no matter what you need. Jul 29, 2017 - Explore Steven Leeming's board "Slot car controller" on Pinterest. . Difalco Designs. $50.00. This eliminates any extra resistance for improved full braking on non magnet cars. Motors And Parts. Difalco H.O. Checkout. Economy brake rheostat gives great control for scale cars at a great price. Cost: $12-17. MICEK PRO1 CONTROLLER. 3 watched in last 24 hours. Their controller holders include these great features: Controller rests securely in the holder when not in use - prevents damage and expensive repairs. Decals/Lane Stickers. The resistor board in the middle makes up your power curve. Our Price: $197.99; Drag Pro Controller Dragtroller Pro. DiFalco 3 ohm brake rheostat w/off. Over the years I have tried a wide variety of controllers.. (DS, 3rd Eye, Ruddock, Carsteen, Prof. MTR, etc.) DIFALCO PRO PLUS DRAG CONTROLLER TQ DIF425. Difalco Controller Genesis 2 HD30 Controller with Volt Meter DD 281V $618.30 . $266.00. Free shipping. View . New supersize triple plated silver power contact, built in emergency fuse bypass, 2 ohm variable brake rheostat with off position, 100 watt resistor, 10 amp brake line fuse, 18GA and 10GA . RTR Cars. . Difalco Controller DD 270 $441.30: Difalco Controller DD 281 $568.30: Difalco Controller DD 201 $307.60: Difalco Controller DD 304 $422.20: Koford 3 ohm Controller KO M673-3 $105.20: Koford 4 ohm Controller KO M673-4 $105.20: 3rd Eye FETroller 3 With LCD Meter 3ESNFET3EWIRE $971.90: Carsteen Slot Car Controller CS-02 $531.80: HO Plus 25 Ohm . Guides/Braid/Wire. An individual adjustment pot on each band is used to instantly change the controllers power curve for the ultimate control! (out of stock) Add To Cart. Difalco Neo controllers blow all similarly priced controllers out of the water! You can swap that board out for different power curves and for different scale cars. Pro Plus Controller. 17 October, 2014. Out of stock . 475.50. - Suitable for all types of slot car from scale to G7 wing car and Eurosport.

AU $257.07. The DS line of controllers are affordable step-up controllers for entry level hobbyist. $138.00. About Us; Greetings; History; See more ideas about slot cars, slot, slot car racing. Dual polarity! DIFALCO 281 GENESIS ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER HD30 PRO BRAKE. standard with a 290 ohm resistor network that controls most H.O. Slot car controller replacement trigger-2 finger profile. All; Cable Spares; Component Spares; Hardware Spares; Semiconductor Spares; Accessories; Servicing Instructions; TruSpeed. Parma controllers up to the latest electronic controllers Third Eye, Difalco, etc. It is a superior product to the similar priced Parma units. Slot Car Controllers < 1 2 > View All. that will handle a Group 7 motor! Guides/Braid/Wire. Home; Blog; Class Rules; Starter Guide; Products Wheels; Motors; Chassis . Contact them at: Motown Raceway. RTR Cars. See the seller's listing for full details and description of any imperfections. Add to cart. $138.00. slot car controller, DD504, 30 band, T-jet/Fray cars. I hope the following explanation will be understandable to most readers. Excel Hobby Blades Corp. Generic. - Solid construction. The new handle can also be used with controllers using Parma (Turbo only - not Sebring), JK, MB Slot or Red Fox handles. Page 1 of 4 - New Difalco Genesis 2 controller - posted in The Controller Corner: I have been lucky enough to have been testing the new Difalco Genesis 2 controller for the past several weeks. Featuring brands such as Slot.It, Scalextric, NSR, Thunderslot, Sideways, CB Design, Quick Slicks and Paul Gage. The Difalco DD302 controller differs from other controllers in the Difalco Neo family in that it has a third "knob" which allows advanced racers to adjust the traction control feature. . Vintage 1990's PARMA DiFalco Custom Slot Car Controller Third Eye Resistor. MSRP: $25.00 $21.95. Difalco HD30 Standard Resistor Network - Medium response - DD-272. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+Opens in a new window or tab* No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. SERVICE: The most important reason for choosing a Difalco controller is our 50 years in slot racing and 30 years manufacturing controllers! Decals/Lane Stickers.

Sign up. Difalco's lowest priced electronic controller. This is the top of the line Difalco drag controller. NINCO N10411 XLOT Electronic Controller. Add to cart.

Controllers. Info. ELECTRONICS: Difalco 1/32 Slot Car controller, DD300. Difalco controllers can be used without a brake connection, but all of the features may not work. 5.0 out of 5 stars. R 1 N 3 W B F 5 8 Y S p o n s o r e d. $ 214 00 . MT I Analogue Mosfet/Transistor PWM Slot Car Controller. Product Description Difalco "E" Motion T.Q. MSRP - $350 Click here for details. 1/24 CONTROLLERS TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS Computer designed and labeled circuit board. Difalco now offers replacement shells/bodies. Silver power contact, heavy duty trigger shunt and 10 gauge wire get the . - A range of chips for all types of car. Search. $10.98. Brand New. That controller sparked a series of scratch builds, although I have to concede that that ultimate value was . Free postage Free postage Free postage. Difalco Controller Genesis 2 HD30 Controller with Volt Meter DD 281V Difalco Controller Genesis 2 Pro DD 267 Difalco Controller Genesis HD30 Controller DD 304 Difalco Controller Handle Black DD 854 Difalco Controller Handle Candy Apple Red DD 855 Difalco Controller Handle Grey DD 852 Difalco Controller Handle Key Lime Pie Metallic DD 858 Spares & Accessories. I am again making DS controllers in multiple ohm ranges. 0. out of 5. Brake Rheostat. Controller rests securely in the holder when not in use - prevents damage and expensive repairs. 1:32 Scale Controllers; Controller Module; Controller Parts; Controller Wire; . With our traction control feature added. Difalco Neo DD300. Condition: Used Used. Drag Controller - Difalco's Dragtroller pro plus module with push-button gluing on our exclusive frame with the full power "blast" relay added! Difalco.

The Canberra 8 hour the winning team used a true speed controller with 3 time long time Difalco users me included with each testing 1/10 a lap time improvement and our team Barby only team to do sub 7sec laps on all lanes not just cutter lanes, the true speed controller is unreal controller for its $230 cost. Both controllers are robust, the Difalco has both a diode and a self resetting circuit breaker to guard against overloads and misconnections. Drag Racing. The job of the controller is to feed power to the car in direct proportion to how much the trigger is squeezed. Checkout. Tools. 15 Bands! Parma, koford, Camen Difalco slot car controller. Here are some pictures of this beautiful new heatsink design from Jim Difalco. Stainless steel hardware will not corrode and will look like new years from now. #DD23815 Difalco "E" Motion 2 Pro Plus Controller - DD238-15. The problem may be with the track and therefore you need to clean it first as necessary. Drag Racing. Item Information. It is important to match the network board with the type of cars/tracks . Pro Drag Controller - Difalco's Dragtroller new layout with super high amperage transistor, short stroke wiper bands, silver power contact, heavy duty trigger shunt, and ball bearing trigger - Hand made in the USA - DD420 ESR Slot Car Products. Condition: Used.

$214.00 < 1 2 . +$10.26 shipping. Britain's best kept clubbie slot car secret? Dremel. Maintenance & repair: Good ways to blow up your transistorized controller - and how to avoid them! Tools. The same . Fluids. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+Opens in a new window or tab* No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. - Twin Transistor / Twin Fan. Controller Clips (3 Pcs Brass) - 1 Set USD$ 4.00 : Economy/Sebring Controller Replacement Wire Set USD$ 7.59 : TQ Wet Wound Resistor - 4 OHM USD$ 20.99 : PARMA Hand Controllers by Category. Wheels And Tires. Design makes inserting/removing controller quick and easy. $266.00. DiFalco Slot Car Controller Two Finger Trigger Upgrade#slotcar#slotcarracing

Home DIFALCO PRO PLUS DRAG CONTROLLER TQ DIF425. ( be the first to review ) $ 300.00. HO Slot Cars: 1/32 Slot Cars: 1/24 Slot Cars: Plastic Models: UPC: Does not apply. When Coming to Vegas or When in Vegas Race with the Slot Car City Racers. 1 product rating. The new line of DS Electronic Racing Products HO slot car controllers. Tools. The most ideal way to do this is to first darken the room and then drive the Carrera slot car slowly around. . Replacement Parts. World Mission Society Church of God. Controllers. Ninco N-Digital Controller Extension Cable for RJ plug controllers. Ninco XLOT Electronic Controller - Electronic controller specifically designed for 1:28 scale XLOT cars. $21.75. - DD-425 These Auto World thumb style controllers are about 45 ohms which is best suited for Auto World HO scale slot cars. Controllers Refine Search. Hardware Included with Simple Installation Instructions - DD-850 . Our Price : $16.49. A slot car is a powered miniature auto or other vehicle that is guided by a groove or slot in the track on which it runs. Parma - 220a 15 Ohm Turbo Wet Wound Resistor Qualifier Controller (No Black Heat Sinks as in Picture (Slot Cars) $76.88. Design is compatible with all older Difalco 10 and 15 band designs so racers can buy just the PCB (printed circuit board) and upgrade their controller very inexpensively. AU $181.00.

Optional plug in resistor networks are available to tweak the power curve to best match your type motor, track and driving style. View. 1. - Adjustable brakes and sensitivity. Difalco Genesis Pro Electronic HO Controller DD531 quantity. MICEK PRO 3 CONTROLLER. Most types of controllers work with the track. Ietp3s4G; $20.5000-51%-$10 ||| Item specifics. $26.50: DIFALCO 257 78 OHM STANDARD RESISTOR NETWORK, G15 , G7. Toys & Hobbies ; . Packed with features only found on more expensive controllers. 1/32 Controller.

RAMJET X PRO CARRERA DIGITAL 124 AND 132 SLOT CAR HAND CONTROLLER 1/32 SLOT CAR. cars. Please find the scale of car you will be racing to review the different policies for purchasing your Difalco controller. Toll Free: 800 258-7441 - Local: 805 988-8044 - Fax: 805 988-8059 - Purchase >$75 To Get FREE Shipping in USA Recently a new line has been introduced targeting the 1/32nd scale racer, that balances the quality and performance the brand is . Neo controllers feature dual polarity as standard and will work on 2 or 3 wire hookup tracks. AU $28.96. Dubick. Difalco controllers are very rugged and dependable. Sensitivity Adjustment. 4-Way Slide Switch #1. eBay. "INDY'S BEST SLOT CAR DRAG STRIP" Receive Free Shipping when You Spend Over $100!! Slot Car Controller. Motors And Parts. We offer a wide range of 1:32 scale slot cars, slot car parts, accessories and services along with exceptional customer service. Toy Car City & Games > Slot Raceway 1/24 Scale Cars Parts and Accessories > Slot Car Controllers > Slot Car Controllers. Parma handles are standard on all Difalco controllers. Available only through Motown Raceway. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT MODEL Transistorized introduction - PNP cuircuits. Gears. They are reliable, easy to adjust, robust, and the Parma style handle fits my hand very well. It has already helped my driving and really stepped up my game in racing. 1/24 SCALE AVAILABILITY $57.66. Wheels And Tires.

Difalco Controllers DD300 Difalco Design NEO 17-Band 1:32 Controller. Compatible with all HO and 1:32 scale. Vintage 1990's PARMA DiFalco Custom Slot Car Controller Third Eye Resistor. 3rd-Jul-21, 09:08 PM. 1/24 HD30 CONTROLLERS DD250-HD30: The same overall construction as our current controllers. Here's how it works: When the traction control adjustment knob is in the full clockwise position, the traction control feature does not come into play. Fluids. 3 Parma 45 ohm Economy Slot Car Controllers. Brand New. Quote. $250.00. Price USD$49.00 Add to . April 12, 2020, 11:31 PM. Buy It Now. Top deal of the day : Save up to 15% on slot car controllers sale bargains! Difalco slot car controller, DD302, 1/32 scale, 30 band w/ traction control. For Magnatraction and X-Traction cars a 60 or 45 ohm controller would work better. . Almost twice as many bands than other competitors eight . Pro external resistor controllers now feature an all new red printed circuit board control module with heavy duty brass wiper contacts in an all new layout. Our frame is screwed to the rear handle to keep the controller from flexing inside the handle. - DiFalco DD270 Genesis 2 Pro HD30 Band Controller 1/24 slot car Mid America. 07 March 2016. 4- PARMA SLOT CAR CONTROLLER LOT 1/24 1/32-ONE HAS BRAKING SWITCH-ALL PREOWNED. Easy-to-install on vertical track/table surface with included mounting hardware . A good match produces response throughout the range of the controller. Add to Watchlist. The OS3 has an automotive type fuse that can get knocked out of its socket, if you buy one of these be sure to tape the fuse to the socket. scale slot cars and for all kinds of racing applications. Shipping $19.86. On-off-momentary switch can be added to the controller to bypass the brake fuse and rheostat. . fan for cooling your ho car. Gears. Difalco slot car controller, DD302, 1/32 scale, 30 band w/ traction control. Free shipping for many products!

Online store > Controllers > DIFALCO > DIFALCO 281 Genesis Electronic Controller HD30 PRO Brake; ONLINE STORE. THIS IS THE TOP OF THE LINE BEST OF THE BEST HO SLOT CAR CONTROLLER. $8. Slot Car Corner now offers high-quality controller holders which were specifically designed and fabricated with the needs of slot car racers in mind.

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